Yelp Reviews

What are these reviews & where can I see?

Yelp is the website where one can order Food Delivery, Home Services - movers, painters, electricians, plumbers etc. If your business is listed on Yelp then its would important to get good & quality reviews from genuine users. This will help your services to be acknowledged by lots of Yelp users.

How this works?

You need to share your link of your business listed on Yelp. We will ask our users to order the services from you. Once you delivered the service, we will ask them to post reviews about your service.

Why should I purchase this package?

- Customers always prefer services which have good & more reviews.

- If you want to increase your business on Yelp then this is good package for you.

- When customer purchase something online then only other users reviews are the basis for them to judge about your service.

- More positive reviews brings more attention so, more orders from customers.

At what stage would these reviews be helpful for my product?

The moment you live on the Yelp, you can ask us to deliver the reviews.

What quantity should I buy?

Actually, there is no limit.

Are these reviews legit or fake?

All reviews delivered from our platform are legit & from genuine, devices & users.

What are pre-requisites to run this campaign?

- Your service should be listed on the Yelp site.

- If you want us to add custom text in the reviews then you need to prepare it before placing the order & send it to us.

What should I expect from this campaign?

- Genuine reviews from genuine people.

- Positive reviews which brings you tons of loyal users looking for your service.