iOS App Store Keyword Installs

What is keyword install?

When users install your app by searching on the App Store with some specific keywords then that install is called as Keyword Install. This is also know as Organic Install.

How this works?

We have large user base who carry out installation task with exchange of gift coupons & rewards. As soon as you setup ad on our platform, we display that ad to our users who install your app by using keyword which you always mentioned.

Why should I purchase it?

Keyword Installs plays important role in increasing the over all app rank on the App Store. When you start getting keyword installs, your app will be shown in paces like suggestedapps which brings thousands of new loyal users. After this campaign, you will see improvement in app rank for that keyword. If your goal is to bring tons of installs to your app then keyword install is the best package for you.

At what stage would these installs be helpful for my app?

Once your app is approved by iOS team. You need to wait sometime to check whether your app is getting ranked for those keywords or not. In order to optimise the app rank, your app should have at least 250 rank for the keyword of your interest.

Note: For keyword of your interest, your app should rank in first 250 in order to run the keyword campaign.

What quantity should I buy?

First understand the demand for the keyword which you have chosen. You can check it on platforms like AppAnnie, Sensor Tower etc. They offer how much the search volume is available for certain keywords.

How to choose a keyword?

Choose 5 top competitors, analyse what keywords they have introduced in their app description. Then check demand for those keywords. Add highly demanding keywords in your app description.

What are pre-requisites to run this campaign?

Once you finalised the keywords which are highly demanding, then you need to include those keywords in the app description & title of the app. If your app is not yet ranking for the keywords which you have added in the description then you need to wait until it shows at least 250 rank for those keywords. As soon as it shows the rank then you can start running keyword install campaign.

What should I expect when my app ranks between 1 to 3?

As soon as your app rank between 1 to 3, your app visibility increases which leads to greater number of installs per day. You shall expect the tons of loyal users installing your app daily.

Note: Volume of installs from particular keyword after reaching to top is sole depends on how competitive the keyword is.

How to track installs?

These installs will show as organic installs. You need to check the organic users section on the App Store to see increased numbers of installs from the date we start the app promotion.