Google Play Store Ratings & Reviews

What are these reviews & where can I see?

Play Store ratings & reviews are the user opinions which they can post after installing the app. These are the user feedbacks about the app. This is useful for the entire community to understand about the app & what people from all over the world are saying about it. This is one of the key aspects which user looks before downloading any app apart from numbers of installs.

How this works?

It’s very simple actually.
1. Decide what keywords to be added in the reviews: From App Store Optimisation perspective you need to add keywords which are highly demanding & relevant to your niche.

2. Write reviews & decide what rating you want: Now that you have decided the keywords to be added in the reviews, you need to add those keywords in the reviews. You need to add those keywords in such a way that, it should make sense while reading.

3. Once you finalise the reviews, we will ask our users to install your app & post the review for you. These users are genuine & perform this task with exchange of gift coupons & rewards.

Why should I purchase it?

- To create good impression among your loyal audience

- To get more organic installs

- To convey what your app is all about from user point of view

At what stage would these ratings & reviews will be helpful for my app?

You can start purchasing this package from the day when you launch your app.

Note: You need to provide us text to be added in the reviews along with the ratings. This is mandatory thing before we start working on your order.

What quantity should I buy?

- Its individual choice. However, we recommend to get at least 100 reviews & ratings in the beginning. Later, you can keep adding few reviews per month as per the available budget for the marketing you have.

What are pre-requisites to run rating & review campaign?

- App should be live on Google Play Stores.

- You need to prepare all the reviews which you want to see on the store. (Our content writers also write reviews on behalf of you with affordable price.)

What should I expect from this campaign?

- Good reputation on the play store. This will increase your organic traffic as users see first number of downloads & ratings of the app before downloading it.

Note: We provide 30 days guarantee that, your reviews won’t get deleted from the store. If it does then we will refund you the entire amount without any question.