What is keyword install?

What is keyword install?

Keyword installs are also called as organic installs. User install your app by searching with specific keyword. This helps app to rank better in the Google Play Store for that keyword. Usually this keyword should have some search volume on the Google Play Store. These type of installs usually brings tons of loyal users once your app starts ranking higher for a specific keyword. If a keyword has low search volumes on the store then there is no use to get app installs using that keyword.

How this works?

There are very simple steps involved. Once you finalised the keyword, we display your offer to our users. We only display keyword & app icon. So that, they can search with that keyword on the Google Play Store, look for your app icon & install the app. These users perform this action with exchange of rewards & gift coupons.

Why should I purchase it?

If you want to increase organic traffic for your app then this is one of the ways. Once your app rank reaches between 1-3 for specific keyword then you will start getting installs from loyal users who are actually searching for app like yours using that keyword. Such type of installs are called as Organic Installs.

At what stage would these installs be helpful for my app?

You can’t buy keyword installs at day one when you launch your app. Your app should be on the store for at least a month so that, Google Algorithm understands which type of app is this. You should have enough app description & all the high demanding keywords should be added. Your app title should be having keywords which has enough search volume. Approximately, after a month it starts ranking with the keywords which are in the description/title. Once your app starts ranking with the keyword which is enough in demand then you can start buying keyword installs.

Note: Your app should rank between first 250 for desired keyword for which you want to run the campaign with us.

What quantity should I buy?

Before we understand the per day & total quantity of installs, we should understand the demand (search volumes on the store) of the keyword. The keyword you chosen, if its having more search volumes on the Play Store, then you need to drive more installs as compared to keywords having low demand.

You can use Sensor Tower, AppAnnie or any other ASO tools to analyse the search volumes of a particular keyword on for App Store & Play Store

How to choose a keyword?

For this you need to understand your niche, your competition. Choose your 5 top competitors, check what they have included in their app description, app title & for what keywords their app is ranking well. If their app is ranking well for certain keywords then check how many search volumes those keywords does have using ASO tools.

What are pre-requisites to run this campaign?

After analysing competition, you need to finalise the keywords. All finalised keywords should be included in the app title & description. The addition of these keywords should make sense while reading. Keywords for which you want to really optimise, you need add those keywords more frequently in the app description. Once you’re done with this, you need to wait for few days to let your app rank for those keywords which you have mentioned in the app decryption & title of the app. Before starting the campaign the keyword should start ranking first 250. Once its get started you can run the keyword campaign & start optimising the rank of that app for that particular keyword.

What should I expect when my app ranks between 1 to 3?

Once your app reaches to any position between 1 to 3, you will likely to get more & more loyal users. These loyal users are who are really looking for apps like yours. They can now easily find out your app out of the crowd. These installs are nothing but called as Organic Installs. Once you achieved success in ranking well for one keyword then start optimising more such keywords & start getting more & more installs.

Note: Upon reaching highest rank for any keyword, the volume of installs is depends on how demanding the keyword is.

How to track installs?

Keyword installs will be counted under organic install section of your Google Play console. You need to check the increased count of organic installs from the date we start the campaign.