Google Play Direct Installs

What is Direct install?

User clicks on the URL of your app & installs it. This is called as Direct Install. We promote your app in different other apps like entertainment & games.

How this works?

There are very simple steps involved. Once you setup the campaign on our platform we start displaying your app’s advertisement in other mobile apps. Upon clicking on your ad user will e landed to your Google Play Store page. When user hits install button then that install get attributed.

Why should I purchase it?

Direct installs are quick to get & you can purchase it from day one after launching your app. These installs help you to grow numbers on the app store. Also, you can test your app with this audience by checking report of crash on the Play Console & fix them.

At what stage would these installs be helpful for my app?

At any any stage, right from the day one after the launch you can buy Direct Installs.

What quantity should I buy?

You can buy unlimited installs. There is no limit. However, if your all is new then we recommend getting 2000-5000 installs in the beginning. With these installs check how is the performance of your app. Check customer reviews & take them seriously. Check crash reports, work on it.

What are pre-requisites to run this campaign?

Your app should be available on Google Play Store, that’s the only one thing needed before starting this campaign.

What should I expect from this campaign?

- Increased installs on the store (1000+, 5000+, 100000+ …. etc.)

- For new apps, this would be good to test with few users before they get into heavy promotion on all other sources.

How to track installs?

1.You can check your Google Play Console to cross check the installs coming from us.

2.Appsflyer & Kochava Mobile Attribution: If you want to work with us using Appsflyer or Kochava mobile attribution links then you need to grant the permission to our ad network accounts over Appsflyer & Kochava. For more information on this, feel free to contact us on Skype ID: amar32521 or write us on -