About us

At Adglobi, our unique mobile app promotion platform and capabilities set us apart. However, a significant part of that difference is our team. From sales expertise to development specializations, our high-performing team of experts ensures you get the results you deserve with each campaign.

We believe that, intelligent people can create magic from anywhere. Every team member of Adglobi works remotely. We believe remote work is extremely important to our culture and business model. As a company we can’t grow without its employees growing and feeling happy and most productive wherever they are. Also, since all employees are location independent, this helps us hire the best people and broaden our search for great talent all the time.

  • Amar Vhanshetti


    After spending five years honing his skills in mobile app promotion, Amar founded Adglobi in 2015. His in-depth industry experience is just one reason so many clients choose to work with Adglobi time and again. In addition to hard work, passion, and determination in the workplace, Amar also enjoys travel, music, and trekking. One of his dreams is to become a playback singer.

  • Raj Singh

    Project Manager

    Raj has always had a passion for technology and gadgets. Not only does he develop best-of-breed solutions for Adglobi, but he even goes so far as to develop his own apps for his smartphone and rarely use most other apps. His dedication & determination makes Adglobi platform more secure & seamless.

  • Naresh Kumar

    Senior Developer

    Naresh loves the freedom offered by modern technology and prefers to telecommute rather than work in the office. His strong analytical skills are essential for the team during complex finance feature development, as well. In his personal life, Naresh loves the thrill of new places around the world. He also love to spend time in gardening & playing Badminton. He is a tech-freak & always eager to read latest tech research papers.

  • Djordje Trbovic

    Senior Developer

    Djordje completed his education from Pan-European University “Apeiron“, Banja Luka, Bosnia & Herzegovina in Information Technologies. He has vast experience in Java & Android. He always had a passion for technology. In free time he like to do sports. He also loves to read books & magazines about computer & technology.